Sasquatch! Music Festival

Sasquatch! Music Festival


Sasquatch music festival.

I art directed and designed all of the Sasquatch music festival in 2014. The logo ended up winning a gold addy, (Best Logo 2015). There were some fun elements outside of the event signage such as a couple video interludes, shirts, and a deck of playing cards.


The hand drawn logo I made that ended up winning a gold addy (Best logo 2015).


We worked with Emory Allen on the illustraitons (who was fantastic to work with). He created the families which we then took and applied to signage, apparel, ads, and other merch (like the below deck of cards).


We also produced a couple of video interludes that were played in between artist sets. There was a large monitor on each end of the stage. In the first version we had 2 sasquatches grumbling back and forth to each other from each monitor. In the second interlude we had woodland creatures dancing. Both interlude's were built in monotone using half tones to keep the two in the same visual family. (See below mockup for reference.)