Everything is going to be ok.

My career launched after having the opportunity to start and run the design department for a media agency in Atlanta. After 5 years, (and having lived in Atlanta my whole life), I decided to move and start my own.

Ok Will was founded in August of 2007 headquartered in Seattle, Washington. I offer a wide spectrum of services designing for both traditional print and new digital media. With over 10 years of experience I understand project management, scope, and what needs to happen to complete projects on time with the highest level of efficiency. I've worked on small budget startups to multi-million dollar event tours. Below are a few of the larger brands I've done work for. Let's get started- send me an email to: info (at) okwill .com  

Will Hays

Some of the photography on this site is by Sara Tro. You can see more of her work here: saratrophoto.com